Saturday, June 20, 2009

BP and the human factor

In Business Process Re-engineering you will learn that from an organizational viewpoint, structuring your enterprise in functional division is wrong, because there are so many breakpoints for the business processes. And there is another reason for a process oriented structure of your enterprise: the human factor. If a human being is able to realize itself as an expert in some team, intrinsic motivation will follow. There is another important aspect in motivation there: with this kind of structure, it won't have to do the same job everyday for anonymous looking parts of the company. The more it changes, the more it is the same thing. For structuring large entities of information e.g. programs, the motivational aspects are not to be taking into account. At least for the moment, we don't have to deal with AI, yet. But you have the breakage of the process structure there. And if you think of this weird thing modular programming, you certainly realize that it goes against our thinking to built reusable parts. What we are really trying to achieve is to implement some kind informatics aspect of the business process at stake. Modular programming goes against this human way of thinking. In the end are the programmers human beings, too. The have to be motivated and will play in the future an important part in every business process. So how do we solve this problem? One possibility would be to the most marketing like solution, too. Concentrate on your areas of expertise and process oriented structure will follow. Our tools could have a modular structure because they were built by entities that had this task to do. This is explaining why we all are using more or less standard libraries from someone outside of our own process.

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