Saturday, February 28, 2009

JavaScript: My hello world

Today I want to add more content to this blog that relates to the programming languages that are written down on my CV. Many programmers write down everything they had contact with, and claim expertise. So I want to build up some petite portfolio, which is fun to do anyways. I want to start with a small application written in JavaScript (from now on I will refer to it with JS). The application should show a square and a little button should be at the ground. After pushing the button the color will change randomly. The development actually took me just half an hour. And every file was validated. The first time I used JSLint. Which shows some real shortcomings in JS. Why are there global objects? No import Math or a declaration of a module. And functions have to be defined with a var statement. This is pretty ugly. Hm, the program is not so interesting after all. But better, than a simple hello world. For the font I have used Georgia, because the numbers align so nicely. The font changes after the algorithm
if ((rgb[0] + rgb[1] + rgb[2]) / 3 < 128) { = 'white';
} else { = 'black';
The only thing that is a bit interesting here. The use-case? You need a color quickly and click until you find a nice one. You can download the program under package. Unzip and open index.html.

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